Reporting Illegal Online Gambling

With the introduction of the internet in the last few decades, many players are not able to gamble online without leaving their homes. However, there are several illegal gambling sites around looking to prey on innocent players. This article explains how to report these sites. Visit for top online casinos.

What is Considered as Illegal Gambling?

The term "Illegal Gambling" covers a wide scope. However, it can simply be defined as any form of gambling that is against the law. You should, however, be aware that different countries have different laws, so what is illegal in one country might be legal in another country.

That said, there are some general laws concerning gambling that every betting site and player are required to uphold. For example, an online betting site operating without a licence is considered illegal. If you notice any of this site, you should definitely report them to the right authorities.

Where to Report Illegal Gambling

As we mentioned earlier, every country has its gambling laws and there is a regulatory body that is charged with enforcing these laws. In the UK, for instance, the UK Gambling Commission is tasked with issuing gambling licence and ensuring conformance to the laws that govern the operation of its licensees.

If you notice illegal online gambling activities, you can proceed to report them to the regulatory body of your country. If the betting site is licensed and offering illegal gambling such as allowing underages to gamble, you can report it directly to its licensing authority for actions to be taken.

Can I Get a Reward for Reporting Illegal Gambling?

In most cases, there is no reward offered for reporting illegal online gambling activities. However, some countries and regulatory bodies may decide to reward an individual for doing so. As a player, reporting illegal online gambling activities will go a long way in reducing scam sites, and you and other players will benefit eventually.

The lesser the scam betting sites online, the more chances that you will be able to enjoy a great gaming experience when playing your favourite casino game. That said, there are some essential things you should consider when choosing a betting site, and we will explain them in the next section.

What to Consider Choosing the Best Betting Sites

The first thing to consider when choosing a betting site is licensing. Only play at an online casino that operates with a valid licence. After that, consider the game selection and bonuses that the betting site offers. You should also pay attention to banking options and customer support provided.